Welcome to Malas Indian Cooking Classes

Nutritionist and chef Mala Patel helps guide and refine culinary repertoires, creating homemade, multicourse Indian feasts during her classes. Combining comprehensive demonstrations with a hands-on cooking experience, balanced with an insightful understanding of the benefits of Indian cuisine and its relationship to good health in sessions such as 3 Week complete cooking session, Classic vegetarian cuisine, Classic non-vegetarian cuisine, Muglai feast, Street side foods from India, Snack and appetizers from India, South Indian Exotic Escape and Passage to North India. Small classes consisting of no more than 10 -12 chefs-in-training intimately explore chicken and veggie dishes flavored by aromatic spices, garlic, ginger, and green chilies. She says, "I do not classify myself as a gourmet chef - I am a good cook and an even better teacher, and I teach from my heart, My specialty is simplifying food in a way that a novice could do it."

Our Customer Say

Mala had my girlfriend Molly and I over for a private cooking class where we had a wonderful time. Malas class was full of hands-on practice, nutritional information, and tips to help speed up food prep! Best of all, Mala is a wonderful host and is so kind, friendly and funny. For

Brandon Sayers

Mala accommodated us for a last minute North Indian cooking class. We learned FIVE different recipes, and she gave a lot of useful general cooking tips that could be applied to any recipe. Great class!

Alexis Ziemba

Absolutely amazing class!!! We learned so much and Mala is a pure joy to be around. We will be attending many more classes with her


Thank you again for a fantastic experience Mala. Malal is a gifted instructor with a passion for sharing her knowledge in Indian cuisine. We learned so much in one class from general cooking techniques that I can use every day to detailed descriptions about each spice which gave me

Lisa Gay

Great class. Professional, new kitchen, complete with camera and flat screen TV to see close-ups of techniques. Hands-on as well as demonstration. Mala has a wealth of information & cooking skills. She also makes you feel very comfortable while learning. Great class. Come


Mala is fabulous! She teaches her classes with humor, experience and is extremely prepared. You will love the experience! I highly recommend her class